Lesson # 10: Writing a Guest Post

My Dear Future Readers,

Today, I thought I would tell you about something fun. Yes, I said fun. Writing does not always have to be about grammar and punctuation. It can be fun too. What I found to be fun is writing Guest Posts.

Lesson 10: Writing Guest Posts. 

First of all….what are guest posts? Well, this is easy to explain.

A guest post is a blog post that you write for another person’s blog.


I have done a few guest posts and there are a few things I learned.

  • Follow directions – this means if the blog you are submittig to another blog says 700-900 words,  genre: romance, comedy, fantasy. DO NOT submit a 1,110 post about how you traveled to the Caribbean last winter.
  • Write on Topic – If the blog has a specific theme and gives you a topic, please write ONLY on the topic they give you. If the topic is: Book Review. Read a book and talk about it. DO NOT write about how beautiful your garden is. Unless you can choose your own topic.
  • Look at the Title of the Blog You are Submitting To- Most of the time, the Title of the blog can give you an idea what the blog is about. That can help you choose the right blog to do a Guest post for.

When I did my first blog post as a Guest post-er ( Diana Rose’s GUEST POST-Art of Stories Blog By Allison Beckert) I was so nervous. At first, I was not sure what to write but then when I started writing,  I just kept writing because I had a lot to say and I went over the allowed word count. But it turned out just fine. The original blog post waa too long but Ms. Allison Beckert just shared my post so that her readers knew where to read more if they were interested.

Of course, I’m not saying everyone does that. I am saying that maybe she was the exception to the rule. To be fair, I haven’t done any guest posts since that one. I still think this is a good way to get your name out there because the people who read the blog you wrote for, will come to read your blog.

I hope you learned something from this post.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author



My Interview on Passion Between the Pages with Jessica Lauryn

My Dear Future Readers

On Friday, June 30th, I was interviewed by Jessica Lauryn. I had interviewed her some time ago when she first published A Passionate Play. You can reread her interview here: Interview with Jessica Lauryn about A Passionate Play. I was happy to bring Jessica Lauryn on my blog and until now I did not have a chance to come to her blog until Friday.  You can read my interview on Passion Between the Pages here: Passion Between the Pages.

My Experience as in Interviewee:

When I was asked if I wanted to be interviewed. I instantly agreed. Why? Because, one: I know Jessica Lauryn for a very long time and we are good friends. Second, I loved the questions that Jessica Lauryn asked. I was excited to share with Ms. Lauryn things about my book. I wanted to make sure that people know where the idea for Book 1: Forbidden Love and the Power of Love series came from because for a long time I have not said anything about this to anyone.


Because I thought it was too soon to start talking about the ideas and inspiration for this series. But, now as I edit the book, I began to open up to the public about my inspiration for the Power of Love series. I believe that it is important for people to know that ideas for books don’t just come out of thin air. Different authors find inspiration for their books in different places.

I find my inspiration from my family’s history and the stories that my grandparents told me. I think it is important to respect the stories and love of those people who cared enough to tell you their story.

I think that my experience as an interviewee was a wonderful thing because I felt like my ideas and my words were not taken lightly and received the respect they deserved. Also, I feel like I gained more future readers after the interview than before it. That makes me happy. I wanted to reach more people and I think I did that and for that I am grateful to Jessica Lauryn. I hope to have Jessica Lauryn interview me again one day soon or I will interview her. It’s always good to have authors as friends.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author

Author Interview with Annie Louise Twitchell About Spinner of Secrets

AnnieMy Dear Future Readers ,

Today, I have a very special treat for you. I’m doing an interview with Annie Louise Twitchell. Ms. Twitchell is a self published author, who also wrote The Christmas Ladder: A Read Along Story as well as Spinner of Secrets which will be released on May 14, 2017.

I posted a review of Spinner of Secrets on Goodreads, please read my review. Spinner of Secrets Review by Diana Rose

Annie Louise Twitchell is a home-schooled graduate who is obsessed with dragons and fairy tales. She enjoys reading, writing, poetry, and many forms of art. When she’s not writing, she can often be found reading out loud to her cat, rabbit, and houseplants, or wandering barefoot in the area around her Western Maine home.

About Spinner of Secrets:

Where will the journey for love take you? Will it be worth the fight?

Letta is a peasant girl, whose father was outlawed and killed when she was small. Though her name means truthful one, she finds herself submitting to her stepfather’s will, and complying with his lies and trickery.

Prince Kyle is her reluctant husband. His mind is focused on one thing: avenging the murder of his childhood sweetheart.

They must learn to trust each other when a strange little man forces them to fight for what is important to them, in a desperate race to save their child’s life.

In this retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, Annie Louise Twitchell weaves an enchanting tale of love, longing, and thread.



  1. What inspired you to write Spinner of Secrets?

It was a writing prompt on a forum I was extensively involved with, two years ago. The prompt was to write a short story, and there must be three elements included there somewhere: a rose, an outlaw, and a castle. My first impulse was to do Beauty and The Beast, but I decided to see if I could do something a little differently. I settled on Rumpelstiltskin, and the story just grew from there.

  1. The feelings in the book are quite “hard” I mean the way the way that Prince Kyle treats Letta. Was it difficult to write Prince Kyle’s character?

Not hard to write; though I wanted to slap him almost every time I went over it in revising and editing. I didn’t have a hard time writing him, he sort of wrote himself. I wasn’t happy about it, and I cried over it several times, but there it is. Life isn’t pretty, and not every fairy tale ending has sweetness or sugar. Sometimes it’s just raw edges, grating on each other. This story has, to my mind, a lot of the sharp edges that the original Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson have. Have you ever read the original of the beloved Cinderella? It is not actually a pleasant story.

  1. Do you believe that Prince Kyle changed his option of Letta because he truly loved her or is it because he felt guilty for not accepting her?

I think there’s a bit of both. He realized he was being terribly harsh and unfair towards her, and later he did learn to love her. She was never going to be Melissa, and once he accepted that, he was able to see her for who she was and accept her for that.

  1. What kind of books do you like to read?

Short answer? All of them. I have a fondness for classics and old literature in particular. I like how the words sound.

  1. Is there a fairy tale that you like more than any others? Why?

That’s a difficult question to answer, since I have a hard time picking favorites. But I think it would be Beauty and The Beast. I want to write a retelling of that one at some point. The trick is finding one that’s different, because there’s so many Beauty and The Beast stories out there, and a lot of good ones.

6. Do you believe that true love exists even in our world?

I think my answer would have to be Jane’s.  “Falling in love at first sight, maybe that’s a story. But mightn’t people learn to love each other? Might they make love, themselves, with work and effort?”

  1. Would you say that life built on lies can be fixed once the truth is revealed like in your book?

It depends on if the parties involved are willing to ask forgiveness and be forgiving, and if they are willing to work for healing and moving forward and truth.

  1. What scene is your favorite to write? Why?

I really enjoyed writing the Epilogue. I liked how it wrapped everything up, and the whole feel of it. I also liked Chapter Ten, even though it made me cry – a lot.

  1. What scene is your least favorite to write? Why?

Chapters Nine and Ten were very hard for me to write. I cried a lot, but I still liked them, for all that. It’s so hard to pick favorites and least favorites!

  1. “Spinner of Secrets” is a very unique title, how did you come up with your title for this book?

It just sort of… came to me. Not while I was dreaming, although I have had that happen before, but I was just working on writing and it showed up in my head. I loved it and there was never any question about it.

  1. The ending of the book was quite unexpected. What inspired such a creative way to end the book?

The ending is actually quite similar to the ending of the original fairy tale, although I lengthened the time between certain events a little and added a few elements of my own, to wrap up my story thread. I just worked with what I had.

  1. Do you believe in true love and that true love conquers all?

I think that love is the building block on which everything is made; romantic love can be fragile if there isn’t other things holding the connection together, but love as love, pure and simple – I think that’s what makes the world spin.

  1. Do believe that people a generally scared to admit they love each other in real life? you Why?

It’s so hard to say what other people think, and I’ve never really been “in love” myself, so I’m not sure how to answer this question. I know that there is what seems a universal fear of being rejected, which could make it very hard for someone to offer their love to someone else.

  1. What made it easy or hard to write this book? Why was it hard? Why was it easy?

It was easy because I loved the story so much. I have almost fifteen years of history with fairy tales, and not Disney or modern fairy tales, either. I read the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson long before I watched any of the Disney stories. They’re full of sharp edges and broken people and finding peace in spite of the shattered pieces, or sometimes, because of them. That gave me a very good feel for the type of story I wanted to tell. It’s not a pretty world that we live in. To quote Jeremiah, “Little comfort, I know. But sometimes we must take the little offered us and make it enough.” There is so much good here, and so much hope, and love. There is so much to live for, and I think once we accept that sometimes living is hard, and that loving is hard, and that people, including ourselves, are broken and worn down from life, I think we can see the beauty clearer.

You’ve heard people talk about guardian angels; I give mine a workout, I’m afraid. But I also like to think I have a writing angel who sits there and whispers ideas in my head, who pokes me to hurry up and stop being scared of putting the words down, and just write. It wasn’t an especially hard story to write, but it was hard to get my head to stop screaming in terror about putting it out there and letting people read it. Conquering anxiety has been one of my biggest struggles in writing this, which is probably why it took almost two years. But conquer it I did, at least, for now.

To be honest, this is a very interesting interview. Annie Louise Twitchell has a very interesting book and I’m glad that I could get her insight on how the book came to be. There is so much that I can relate to in her interview. I, myself love fairy tales and I read every kind. It is truly inspiring to me when an author can take something old and well-known and turn it into art. That is true talent in my eyes.

I believe that Ms. Twitchell has a good start. I think that if anyone likes old fairy tales, they will love this new book that is coming out on May 14, 2017. I really enjoyed interviewing this new author and I hope that I will get to see her on my blog again soon.

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank  you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author

Interview with Jessica Lauryn about A Passionate Play

My Dear Future Readers:

I am extremely pleased to have Jessica Lauryn on my blog giving  another wonderful interview.

Ms. Lauryn agreed to talk to me about her new book that came out on November 28, 2016 called A Passionate Play. I wanted to know about how Jessica wrote this book and her new series, The Rabourn Theater Series. It is interesting to me how another author writes her books and makes them so intriguing every time.

In my previous blog post, A Passionate Play Reviewed by Diana Rose, I expressed my thoughts about A Passionate Play after reading it. In fact, this book had made me think about a lot of things and the idea of “strong women” and what it means to be a “strong woman.” In A Passionate Play, Jessica Lauryn explores this concept and makes it interesting to the reader. Which is also one of the things that I wanted Ms. Lauryn’s opinion on in my interview with her.

I truly hope that you enjoy this interview because I feel that Jessica Lauryn speaks about very important things in her interview with me.

  1. What inspired you to write A Passionate Play?

Year ago, before I was published, I was struck by the idea of writing an amnesia-themed romance.  My thought was to create a story in which the hero and heroine were already connected (past lovers, currently involved). The story would take place in a secluded mansion and the heroine would have no understanding of how her circumstances came to be.  In general, my story ideas tend to come from simple themes that build in my mind over time.  In the case of A Passionate Play, years later, when I decided to write a romantic suspense series that would be set in a musical theater, I took the amnesia-theme from my Rolodex of story-line-ideas-in-reserve and decided that, from this idea, I’d create book 1 for the series, in which the heroine would not remember her days of being an actress. This idea allowed me to introduce the setting of the theater slowly, so as build up some suspense before actually “opening” the theater’s doors for readers in book 2.

  1. What kind of research did you do for this book?

I haven’t had any personal experience working in a theater or playhouse, so I did a lot of research in this area.  I was also fortunate because, as luck would have it, my editor did have experience working in a theater and she was able to point out some of the finer aspects of the various jobs there (stage manager, director, etc.)  I am so grateful to her for the assistance she provided me!

  1. Did you know that this book would be a series when you started writing it?

When my idea was simply to write an amnesia-themed romance, I did not, at that point, plan on turning A Passionate Play into a series.  But later, when I decided to write a series set in theater setting, I came to see that the two ideas would work well together and I plotted out five connecting stories, in outline form.

  1. How do you plan out your series?

Once I have an idea of what the underlying plot/theme of the stories will be I’ll work out the simplest ideas first (character names, settings, etc.), and I’ll build to the more complicated aspects of the plot, just as I would if I were writing a stand-alone novel. I then outline each of my stories as best as I can, working to both structure them and simultaneously connect them.  I do, of course, make changes as I’m drafting but the idea is to give myself as much of a jump-start as possible, so I understand, from the beginning, where I want my series to go.

  1. Was it hard to come up with an idea to write this book?

No, not at all.  I tend to come up with ideas for new stories well in advance of being ready to write them and A Passionate Play was no exception.  (If only writing were as simple as just coming up with the ideas, I’d have a hundred books published by now 😊) As it happens, the idea for A Passionate Play came to me before my debut series The Pinnacles of Power Series was published, and the time that it took for me to write this series gave me a lot of time to get my thoughts together for The Rabourn Theater Series.

  1. Are you a big fan of theater? What plays inspired this story?

My experience with theater consists of seeing a handful of Broadway and Off-Broadway plays but the few that I have seen made a lasting impression.  I found Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast to be particularly romantic shows and both served as inspiration (as well as wonderful music to listen to!) while writing A Passionate Play.

  1. A few of your scenes seemed to be truly realistic, example, the bear scene and also the scene where Alicia gets attacked. How realistic were these scenes to you? I mean, did you imagine yourself in these situations?

The bear scene was one of my favorite to write!  Though I am primarily a plotter, this was one of those moments that came to me as I was actually writing, as I simply allowed the characters to tell the story. The thought of being chased by a bear is terrifying and I did envision myself in the situation, in effort to feel out how Nick and Alicia would handle themselves.  I strive, always, to put myself in my characters’ shoes, to get a grasp on their feelings and to see things from their perspective. [This practice has led to me having tremendous sympathy for villains and even reforming a few of them – one of my favorite things to do in books!]

  1. The relationship between Nick and Alicia was quite realistic and funny at times. Was there a specific memory that you used to write this or was it just the way you imagined the story?

I have, in the past, drawn from personal experiences when creating my stories.  In the instance of The Rabourn Theater Series, the finer points were purely imagined.  However, I do put a part of myself into every character I create, both the heroes and the heroines.

  1. Do you believe that a story like Nick and Alicia is possible in the real world in today’s society?

Even more so than I have in the past with regard to contemporary romance, I strived to make Nick and Alicia’s relationship one that really resonates with the modern ways of couples today, people dating in their 30s.  As the first major characters that I’ve personally written about who are engaged in a relationship prior to the beginning of the story, Nick and Alicia were unique to me and I considered carefully what the dynamics of their relationship would be, deciding in the end that the two had lived together and been sexually active before the story begins.  It was very interesting experience for me, writing a romance from this point where the majority of romance novels typically don’t begin.  One aspect of the relationship that was particularly fascinating (with regard to the dynamics of Nick and Alicia’s relationship) is Alicia’s career – though Nick is hiding the truth about Alicia’s life, she has essentially achieved the higher level of success career-wise, which creates yet another challenge for this already-fiery couple.  In my opinion, a story like Nick and Alicia’s is highly possible in today’s society and a happily ever after is possible as well!

  1. Would you say that Nick had a hard time admitting his feelings to Alicia? Why?

As heroes often do, Nick appears, at first, to have an issue regarding commitment.  But this may not be his issue at all – we see as the story progresses that Nick is harboring secrets which may play into a deeper reason for his reluctance in admitting his feelings.  I won’t spoil the story for you!  I’ll simply say that Nick is a good man, conflicted, without a doubt, and his heart is (almost) always in the right place!

  1. Do you believe that people a generally scared to admit they love each other in real life? Why?

As I see it, more than a reluctance to admit to being in love we are a society of people who sometimes profess our love quickly, perhaps with a lack of understanding as to what it is we truly feel. Love is the greatest gift we have to share with one another. It is the essence of our being and the greatest of all phenomenon—what connects us and what is our true purpose for existence. But speaking strictly of romantic love, crushes can sometimes be mistaken for the real-deal.  And true love can be hard to admit to, when one is terrified of a broken heart.

  1. What made it easy or hard to write this book? Why was it hard? Why was it easy?

When I first started writing A Passionate Play, I struggled with getting into a new group of characters.  I was still very much into the throes of writing The Pinnacles of Power Series and my head was not yet in my new series.  Once I’d concluded The Pinnacles of Power series however, I freed up my mind to get to know my new characters, who I now know very well. I had a vision for Nick and Alicia, as I do for others, the couples yet to be written about in The Rabourn Theater Series. Having an idea of where things are going with regard to my characters ahead of time is tremendously helpful to me when it comes to writing their stories.

  1. How do you come up with the idea for your antagonist and main characters?

I begin with very simple ideas for all of my characters—some physical characteristics I’d like them to have, some personality traits—and then I test them out, editing as it seems appropriate as I draft their stories.  At some point during the process things become much clearer and I’m able to fill in whatever blank pieces remain, such as the characters’ background stories.  A few of my character inspirations have come from real life. Many are just plain fantasy.

 14.  Would you say that true love really does conquer all in relation to A Passionate Play and real life? Explain.

I knew, of course, that Nick and Alicia would live happily ever after and clearly, for this stubborn couple, love is what paves the way to them finding common ground. Real life is not as easy to control as a story is but love plays the same role here—it is what make the challenges of a relationship worthwhile.

  1. I noticed that Alicia is very strong in the book, do you believe that strong women can find true love as well?

I believe that every woman is strong and that each one of us brings a different sort of strength to our world. Sometimes that strength isn’t easy to recognize, or to define. But finding it, and figuring out how to best use it is a critical part of figuring out who we are as women. When we love ourselves, it is from this place only from which we can truly love another.

After interviewing Jessica Lauryn about her book, A Passionate Play, I learned a lot of helpful things about writing. For example, when outlining your book if it is part of a series, outline the series too. Also, just as I hoped to  hear, it is advisable to finish one series before starting about something new because it clears your head for more ideas.

Also, I learned more about the characters in A Passionate Play and how she wrote it. I really think that this book and Jessica Lauryn’s attitude towards her character resembles my own in the way that we both try to see the situation at hand through our eyes and correctly add the character’s feelings after evaluating our own feelings in the situations that our characters deal with. In a way, I feel more related to what Jessica Lauryn writes about after this interview.

I also, would like to mention that I am reading the second book in The Rabourn Theater Series right now. So, there will be another interview coming up about Book 2: An Amorous Dance. I want to thank Jessica Lauryn for giving me a wonderful opportunity in interviewing her for my blog because I LOVE her books and I am honored to be her friend. Being friends with this talented romance author is incredibly lucky and honorable.

I hope you enjoyed this interview.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author

A Passionate Play Reviewed by Diana Rose


My Dear Future Readers:

I have read many romance novels in my time but this is my first time reading a Romantic Suspense genre.  This book was the first book I read from Jessica Lauryn. My first impression of this book when I started it was that Ms. Lauryn took the subject of the theatre and turned into something magical. The characters were extremely lifelike. This story took me through a journey of the onstage performance and what the actor’s life behind the curtain of the theater was like. Everything seemed simple but it was not as the story showed me what the main character, Alicia Coleman was truly like when she had lost her memory. Her feelings for Nick Lancaster at first when I first read about him in the first part of the book, are not simply love or hate, she showed confusion quiet vividly, I might say. It was apparent that Nick and Alicia have a very complex relationship. At times, their conversations made me laugh, made me feel angry that Alicia didn’t understand that Nick meant to protect her.

At other times, Nick’s way of caring for Alicia made me happy because it was clear that he loved her and he just had a hard time admitting it. It was fun to see in my mind the scenes that Ms Lauryn so vividly paints with her words. The Bear Scene was the most fun for me to read and it was really clear in my head as if I could see the bear charging at me as I try to escape the bear. The emotion of fear and terror was clearly portrayed. Also, the scenes with the attacker was quite emotional and scary, yes, scary. But this a part of a good author’s job to portray emotion and scenes as if they were happening to the reader right then.

As an author, myself, I learned a lot from the way Jessica Lauryn wrote her descriptions. Her description in every paragraph was different. It was like an adventure to me to read this book. Every turn of a page made me want to read more of it and I ended up reading two-three chapters in one day.  I was so intrigued by this first book that I purchased Book 2: An Amorous Dance even before I finished this book. I could not wait to start Book 2 in this series. Honestly, I was so entranced by Jessica Lauryn’s talent in pulling me into her world that I want to read more of her books and follow her example in developing my own writing in a way that will pull my future readers into my books.

Jessica Lauryn is my new favorite author and I hope to read all of her books. She is my inspiration for writing books that people love. It is a great honor for me to know her and how truly beautiful she is on the inside and out. My favorite author and I I am starting to read An Amorous Dance right away. I hope to follow her career as she writes more because she is my inspiration.

After reading A Passionate Play, I believe that there might be a great story behind it which is why I wanted to ask Jessica Lauryn for an interview. She will be talking about the story of how she wrote this book and her inspiration in writing in my next blog post. Writing series of books tends to be freeing at some point because you can address your characters from all sides and I believe that this comes much easier to Jessica Lauryn right now. But I do plan to use that example as well. She is also the reason why I feel that writing a series of books is something that I want to do.

Writing a series to me is like living with the same people for a long time and getting to know them well enough. A series is something that means that you can not leave the characters. It gives you more room to explore your characters and I believe that it is a good choice for authors like Jessica Lauryn and myself. I believe that it is a good thing for an author to love their characters a lot because then the readers will love them too.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author

Does Love Have A Face? Part 2: Guest Post by Keith Kareem Williams


My Dear Future Readers:

Today, I want to continue my discussion about whether Love has a face or not. I want to say that I think that Love is very hard to find and it is hard to identify whether it is true love or not. Why? Because it may be wearing a mask to not appear vulnerable. After all, Love is a very sensitive emotion.

In discovering the reality of whether Love has a face, I wanted to interview some authors and get their view on the subject. Because, who would better explain their thoughts than authors.

So…..as promised, my first author whom I interviewed about his views on true love and whether love even has a face is Keith Kareem Williams. Here is a little bit about him. Most of these things, I did not know before so, I was pleasantly surprised to learn more about this self-published author.

Keith Kareem Williams – is the author of 11 books & currently working on his 12th. He still resides in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York where he delicately balances his time between his responsibilities as a single father as well as the challenges of being a full-time author.– Keith Kareem Williams. You can find out more about him on his website where you can also see the books he has published. His recent release was Death in the City. Keith Kareem Williams

Now that you have read a little bit about my guest, let me tell you the questions of the interview which Keith Kareem William was willing to give me answers to.

  1. Do you think love can have a face?

I believe that love can definitely have a face. The problem in the world is that so many people don’t recognize true love when they see it. There are many imposters wearing the mask of love and too many people are fooled. That’s why so many people end up heartbroken and jaded.

  1. Would you say that finding love, true love in today’s world as compared to a few years ago is harder or easier and why?

I think that MOST people would say that finding love in today’s world is more difficult but, I disagree. The whole world is more open and accessible than it has ever been. Because of the internet and social media, the world has become much bigger than the block or the neighborhood you grew up in. You can find someone who loves you for real in any part of the world. There’s no need to settle. A lot of times, we end up dating who’s around instead of who we want, or our better match out of laziness, easy accessibility or convenience. Love is inconvenient, usually poorly timed and takes a lot of work to find but in this modern world, you have options and wider reach to seek what you need. The great love of my life might live in Arizona, thousands of miles away. My future wife might be in Detroit, waiting for me to claim her.

  1. What is your definition for true love? Now, I mean the kind of love that lasts 65+ years of marriage.

True love is when someone loves you for who you are at your core. They crave the vibe of your soul and are fascinated by the essence of you. Some people love you because you make them feel good so they use you as a balm for whatever ails them but, that kind of love never lasts. True love is when you are intrigued by all of the minute, subtle things about another person…things that only you see. True love is selfless and it doesn’t always make sense. It just is.

4. Now, about marriage and a lasting marriage, what would you say is a key element to that?

A key element to a lasting marriage is honor. I know that the more popular answer might be love, or friendship but both can be fickle platforms to build a solid, lasting foundation on. Love and friendship are parts of a good relationship but honor is the glue that will hold everything together through the rough patches that are inevitable. You might not wake up madly in love every day but, if you honor your spouse and your commitment to each other, there won’t be any room for anyone or anything to drive a wedge between you. Evolution is important as well. You also have to be able to adapt to changing circumstances without going into panic, or becoming fearful. There has to be a mutual willingness to enthusiastically work through problems together to find solutions.

  1. If indeed you see that it is true love, how do you recognize that?

True love is when someone cares about your well-being, even when it’s not necessarily beneficial to them. True love is when someone would still wish all the best for you, even if you weren’t together. A person that truly loves you wants you to be happy, no matter what, even if you’re not together

6. What if…Love had a face? Would you be able to recognize it for who it is? Or would you walk past Love and not know that face you just saw was love?

I would hope that after a few decades on this earth and a bit of experience that I’d be able to recognize the face of love when I saw it. Love is a strong emotion and sometimes defies logic so it isn’t always easy to accept, or recognize. However, I do believe that true love proves itself over time, not based on what a person says but by the things a person does.

***DISCLAIMER*** these answers represent how I felt on January 16, 2017. As a man who takes pride in evolving and learning constantly, some of my feelings could change tomorrow. That’s life. If you’re not growing as an individual…you’re not really living.

To be honest with you, after the interview ended, I was filled with a sense of hope. Why? Because, Keith Kareem Williams was truthful with me. I never realized that love is not only a sentimental feeling but also honorable. He taught me that marriage…Yes, I asked about marriage….is not only based on love but also on honor because “Not everyday is the same and you may not wake up completely in love on a certain day.” That is true. But also, there was the thought in my head that this is coming from a man and that made it even more valuable to me.

I believe that the things he said about true love are somehow the same ideas that I have grown up with. But the most important part of this interview was that a person should always be growing and learning. I believe that with the beginning finding out whether or not Love has a face is a time for me to learn many things about Love. Love is not only a feeling, it is something that you give back to other people and it is shared but when you don’t share it sincerely it is then that the feeling of love becomes fake.

I do hope to continue my search for the meaning and understanding of love in the near future and I hope that more guest post authors come to talk to me about this because this blog is centered on True Love.

I want to thank Keith Kareem Williams for his honesty in this interview because I did learn a lot as an author and a person. I do hope that he will join me again in the future because it is always important to get a man’s point of view on certain subjects like love and marriage.

I look forward to hrring from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author

Diana Rose’s GUEST POST-Art of Stories Blog By Allison Beckert

Guest Post By Diana Rose For ART OF STORIES BLOG ( http://www.arbeckert.com/20150604/guest-post-by-diana-rose/)

How to Write a Book and Publish It

By Diana Rose

I am from New York City, I have not yet been published yet but I am part of Across Genres Publishing House. I write Young Adult Fantasy Romance Novels for teens. In my books, I focus on writing about how to find true love. I am contracted with Across Genres Publishing House. I have a Facebook Author Page that can be visited at: https://www.facebook.com/DianaRoseRomance  as well as a blog that you can also visit at: https://themagicoftruelove.wordpress.com.

When I first started writing my first book, Book 1: Forbidden Love, I had no idea how to do it. I remembered one thing from my school days, “Write what you know,” my teachers would say. So I wrote what I knew. I liked reading about princesses and princes and fantasy characters so I incorporated into my writing as well.

My first book, Book 1: Forbidden Love is about a princess from the Moon Kingdom who meets a prince from the Earth Kingdom and her parents are opposed to their bond. Her parents attempt to separate them but no matter how many times they got separated they always found a way to overcome their obstacles and be together. My target audience is teenagers. Right now, my book is being edited and I started to do my first round of edits. I don’t want to lie to you all and say I have a date because I’m not even sure yet when it will get published.

How did I get my contract with Across Genres Publishing House? That’s actually a really funny story. I will share it with you. I was looking for an agency to publish my first book and I found an agency that wanted my book and I got signed but then, the agency I was signed with closed down unexpectedly. The authors who were writing for the agency including myself were devastated. But, we all decided not to give up on our writing dreams. So, somewhere within that time, one of the authors told me that she was opening a publishing agency with a friend of hers and they needed authors. I asked her if they published YA Fantasy Romance novels and she said that I have to talk to her partner and friend. So, I called the number she gave me and spoke to Tammy Jernigan. Mrs. Jernigan said that they will publish my genre. She asked me if my book was part of a series and of course I said it was. Mrs. Jernigan said she is prepared to publish my entire series. I was amazed and happy. Can you imagine that my entire series is contracted? Amazing!! Across Genres Publishing house publishes all genres of work.

At first Book 1: Forbidden Love was just something that I was working on for myself but then as I continued to write it, I began to think about publication. So I started to research writing and publication in general. As I researched and continued to write, I realized that publication is not going to be easy. However, I knew one thing. I knew that everything that is worth it is never easy. It may seem impossible when you first begin to walk the road to getting published but publication is not as impossible as you may think at first. Starting something is always hard and uncertain and to be honest with everyone who is reading this, I was uncertain if I could do it when I first started.

I started my publishing research from the last place you would think of….I started my research at Kingsborough Community College where I was enrolled as a student. I knew a few of my professors who included Hope A. Parisi, Dianne Bennett, who had published books, textbooks but I didn’t care much for the type of book they published as long as they published. So, I wrote up a list of questions about how they got published and made appointments to see them. One of my professors, William R. Burger, the Chairman of the Behavioral Sciences Department who wrote the books, Human Services in Contemporary America which he co- authored with Merrill Youkeles in 1999. He also published a book called The Helping Professions: A Career Sourcebook. Dr. Burger was kind enough to find time in his busy schedule to answer my questions.

I remember that when I asked him how he found a publisher for his two books, he said, “I don’t find publishing agencies, publishers come to me.” That statement surprised me. Of course Dr. Burger explained that he writes textbooks and textbooks are in high demand. I remember he said that he can’t supply more information but he had a person that could help me. He said her name was Susan Ednie. So at the end of our conversation he told me to wait while she would come. She was happy to hear about my book and wanted to see my work. She helped me a lot. When I did my research, I learned that publishing a book has steps to it and good writing is made from rewrites and that every author found his or own way into the publishing world which meant I had to find my own way in. Yes, I do apply what learned. I have done so many edits I lost count. And even today as I edit my work for it to be published, I know I have learned a lot and I still have a lot to learn. For example, I learned that literary agents are very picky but you don’t necessarily need them.

My writing was not ready then to be out in the world when the idea came to me. Let me explain what I mean. When I began to write, my writing was broken up into chunks of ideas, each paragraph was a separate idea and those separate ideas were not connected in any way. That is why I felt that it was not ready. But I was not giving up on this idea because I felt that it could be great. So I started to edit my novel with the help of Professor Susan Ednie at Kingsborough Community College, of course, she asked me in the process of editing what I wanted to do with my book. I said, “I want to publish it.” She smiled at me and after that we spent two hours in her office every month going over comments and she helped me add chapters to the book by discussing ideas with me.

I always wanted to be known for something great. I could always be proud of doing something as great as getting published. I realized early that getting noticed for your talent in writing is a lot of hard work and that is even harder than publication. You see, in order to get published you need to get noticed by the right people and acknowledged for your style and your talent. It took me a really long time to just get noticed. It took three years to get noticed by a publishing agency, two of which were spent on looking for literary agents which I might say that was a pointless thing in my specific case because no one was interested. When I realized that agents were not going to help me find an agency to publish my book I started to send out to publishing agencies that took authors without agents.

At first, it was Professor Susan Ednie who took notice and decided to help me with preparing my book to be sent out to agents and publishers. She thought it was a great idea what I was writing about. Then when I started sending out to publishing agencies, the first agency that took notice was Cool Beans Publishing and Editing and I thought that the contract they offered would last but shortly after that the company closed and I found Across Genres Publishing house who is now editing my work.

Of course, like many of you who are reading this post, I am human and I did feel like I was going through an endless tunnel where I was walking so slowly that I felt like I was not doing enough or doing something that was not exactly leading me to the result I wanted. It felt like I was doing something small that was moving but very slowly. I knew that I would be taking it slow and I needed to finally open up to people and yes, I was scared. I was terrified. But when I created my author page, I felt that I could finally show people who I am. I am happy I took that step to go public because if I had not done it, I would never have been noticed and would not have created a steady readership that is important for starting out authors to build their author lives and get their message to the world. I encourage all starting out authors to create and maintain their own author page so that when you do get noticed and published people will already know who you are.

Here, we come to the most important ingredient to the formula for publication which I have discovered over time…. The most important ingredient is to want publication so bad that you would do anything to get published. Persistence and patience in this work is key. If you persist against all odds and be patient that all your hard work will pay off, you will succeed.  For the people reading this, you may be thinking, “Oh, it’s easy for you to say, ‘persistence and patience is key.’ But did you ever think of giving up like us?”

My answer to that is, finding strength in yourself to continue on with something that might seem hopeless is hard. I did feel like I was going through a tunnel but what kept me going was that my family supported me and my friends all believed I could do it. But the biggest thing that kept me going was my dream to get published, to see my name in lights. Then, as I opened up to my grandmother about my writing, she was really supportive. I wanted to fulfill my dream because I knew that she wanted it for me as much I did. I always had a strong will to get my book published. How I stayed strong? That’s a good question. I always believed that my book would get published and that belief was stronger than anything. Yes, every time I failed, I cried. I was heartbroken that my dream would not come true but the strong belief that I would ultimately make my publication dream come true overpowered me. I am very stubborn and that stubbornness helped me to not give up when times were rough and any other person would have given up. Also, I knew that giving up was never a thing I would do. I love the characters I write about and I know that once my book gets published my readers will love my characters too.

Of course, wanting to get published is great but I want to encourage you to take action because without action there would never be anything. Action….Let me define that for you. Taking action means that you don’t sit back and wait for something to happen. Yes, I agree that when an author just starts out wanting to get published they may not know what the right thing to do is.

As all of us know, after you write your first draft you need to edit and proofread it. Now, edits and proofreading is the next step after writing. Edits take a very long time to do because you want your writing to be perfect before you publish it. There are services that are offered to edit your work but I advise you to try to find someone to edit your work for free because you would want to save that money for when you get closer to publication.

My techniques for editing……First, I would say that if I learned anything about editing it is that you cannot rush yourself with them. Do not focus on the entire book as a whole when you try to edit. I edited chapter by chapter. I went over each chapter as many times as needed. Only when I was sure that the chapter was completely edited and had no errors, I went to the next. I usually take a pen with colored ink and when I have the text printed I go over it reading through as I look for errors. If I am on the computer I usually use Track Changes in Microsoft Word to outline my errors and look for edits. The key with edits is to go slow paragraph by paragraph and line by line so you don’t miss anything. Proofreading for errors is a very important because you want to make sure your grammar is perfect.

Of course, I never went to an editing service because my professor at Kingsborough Community College agreed to help me edit my work. Professor Susan Ednie was very helpful and encouraging. She taught me a lot about writing and how to express myself better. She helped me add a few more chapters to my book as we were going through edits. Professor Ednie fell in love with my characters and she had a lot of great ideas. My experience with editing my book which started in Kingsborough was an extraordinary time that I would never trade for anything. Professor Ednie and I have become great friends over the time of my editing with her. Editing has taught me to be a better writer and I feel that my writing has grown from being school age writing to serious writing over that time.

I was surprised that a person can learn so much from editing. I also thought that editing would be this boring act that you would have to do. But it was fun for me to find new ways to write what I meant and discuss my ideas with someone who was so encouraging and helpful. Now, as begin editing with Across Genres Publishing House, I feel that I am growing even more as I do my edits and I feel that editing is the true development of myself as a person and my writing. I am becoming a better writer and that is what I feel is most important. What I expected when I first started was just a simple edit and I did not expect to make such a good friend. I did not know that I would begin to love edits as much as I love writing. But I love to see my writing develop into something great and the more I edit, the more I grow as person and as an author. The result of my first edits made me happy. It made me happy to see how my writing, my characters, and I have grown and matured.

After edits are done, I would suggest for you to find an agent for your work. But as I personally, have struggled with this task, I believe that literary agents are good to have but it is not a requirement for all writers. I have been searching for a literary agent for two years. However, I did not find an agent to represent me. I changed my approach somewhere within the second year and luckily I found Across Genres Publishing House who took me without an agent.

In the two years of searching for a literary agent, I went through the entire book called; Writer’s Marketplace and copied out pages of agencies that were searching for my genre. I tried writing a great query letter, synopsis and formatting my manuscript in compliance to the requirements of each agency but no matter how many agents I contacted everyone said the same thing. “Your writing is great but it is not right for us.” So after a search that did not give me what I wanted, I gave up. I gave up on agents and tried something different and it turned out that there were more chances of publishing than an agent could have offered. If I had not stopped looking for an agent I would not be signed with Across Genres Publishing House right now. I learned that having an agent is not easy and not always necessary for success. I realized then that I had to rely on myself to get myself noticed and it was up to me to find a home for my book. I just needed to find my own way into this. So almost a year ago, I created my Author Page. Then, I remodeled my old unused blog and started to go public.

All you need to do is find one person who will love your book as much as you love your story. I know it can seem hard to find an agency that will take your book but I believe that it is possible.

I have gone through this exact process and at times I thought it was going nowhere like many of you out there may be thinking to yourself right now. However, I am here to tell you that as a person who went through this process and came out on top, everything is possible if you believe in your writing and you don’t give up when times get tough. I’m here to tell you that getting published is a hard journey but if I can do it then you can to. The important thing is to remember that no matter what anyone says, you are a writer and you can and will get your work published. Keep writing. Do not give up on your books, they have a message that people need to hear.

Being accepted by a publisher made me feel like child again who got the toy she always wanted but couldn’t get. I felt like a girl who got to be princess for a day and wear a crown. I felt like flying, and hugging everyone. I was at home because it was a Friday and I don’t have class on Fridays. It was about four pm. And I was calling Mrs. Tammy Jernigan to talk about my book. When she said, “Yes, we take YA Fantasy Romance. In fact, YA is a big market.” I was happy. But what made me even happier, even thrilled, was when she said, “Send me your manuscript. Since you have a series we will publish your entire series. I will send you a contract.” I don’t remember what happened then because my emotions took over and I was thanking her so much that she felt uncomfortable. That weekend I signed the contract with Across Genres Publishing House.

How did it feel? It felt like I was finally achieving my dream. It felt like the thing I worked so hard for and no matter how many disappointments and failures I had along the way, I did it!! I felt like I was on top of the world. My mind was not thinking, I was feeling. I was dizzy, I was happy. I was scared. I was so many things. What would happen now? I thought. It was my first time getting accepted by a publisher. A publisher who want to publish my entire series!! My book had a home now. Every book in my Power of Love Series has a home, a home with Across Genres Publishing House.

Right after I got accepted into Across Genres Publishing House, I decided that it was time to announce it to everyone that I was accepted. So, I posted a life event post on my Author Page and added Across Genres Publishing House und affiliations. Also I decided to start finishing my second book in my series so that I could have it ready for submission. When I found out that I was accepted and even before I signed the contract with Across Genres Publishing House I told my mother about it. She was speechless at first but then after I signed the contract, my mom said, “We have to celebrate this.” And we did. We went to the Beach and had dinner at a restaurant. I told my friends and they were all impressed and happy for me.

Right now, I am working on the ending to Book 2 as well as editing Book 1: Forbidden Love for publication.