Rewrites: The Long Awaited Proposal

My Dear Future Readers,

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe my edits have come so far !!! This is the best part of the book (at least for me) because this is everything the characters have been waiting for. But not only the characters, I, myself have been waiting for this.

Let me tell you, I love ūüíė these characters and their story which is why I took extra care with this part of the book. Marriage and happily ever after is exactly what romance novels are all about! ūüíćūüíćūüíź For me, reading a book with a happy ending is always the best kind of book.

As a young girl, l learned that sometimes the best happy ending are in books. Life has not always been easy and that why reading a book with a happy ending gave me hope. Hope in a love story is the key to a great story. I always thought a wedding is the most .

beautiful representation of true love.


Because people promise their hearts and to love each other forever.  I also believe that if it is true love then the love will last long after the wedding day. True love should be something that is constant.

The Wedding ūüĎįūü§ī

The wedding was a long-awaited event in the Moon Kingdom. The Moon Kingdom and Earth Kingdom royals. The wedding would be one to remember.

If you know me, I love weddings and romance. Writing about a wedding between my two favorite characters was very exciting for me. After everything that my main characters have been through, I thought giving them a large beautiful wedding with a lot of guests would be a well-earned reward. So, I made the proposal and the wedding extra romantic.

When I was editing the chapters about the proposal and the wedding, the way it was written gave me a feeling like I am right there in the story. I wrote these chapters exactly how I wanted it to be in real life. No, to answer your question, I haven’t been married. Writing about it makes me imagine it for myself.

Edits are going well so far. I’m really close to getting it finished. ¬†I’m proud of how it is coming together.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author



Rewrites: Eric, The Prince of the Moon Kingdom

My Dear Future Readers,

I’m still here doing edits for Book 1: Forbidden Love.

I ¬†finally got to the chapters about Amy’s younger brother. ¬†These are the fun chapters because he goes on adventures. He gets to travel which to be honest is a lot of fun to write. ¬†I don‚Äôt travel much which is why I wanted to let my characters do a little exploring.

Now, that I have to rewrite Eric‚Äôs parts in the book, ¬†I only hope that I have been able to make his chapters more fun. Yes, Eric finds love too. Don’t worry. ¬†I did not leave him without a lovely lady. ¬†But the best part of rewriting a story where the little brother of my main character gets to live his life, ¬†is that I can see and show that even he has a life.

Rewrites of Eric’s Travels 

Eric‚Äôs traveling adventures were parts of the story where I could really use my imagination. ¬†Why? Because, ¬†he could travel anywhere and meet all kinds of people and creatures. Sometimes I just need to be creative. ¬†You know what….. I think my creativity in these parts paid off.

Here is what my editor had to say about Eric’s story.

“I like the progression of Eric‚Äôs storyline.” ¬†-Alyssa Nand

I think that if my editor likes it,  then it will be interesting to my future readers.  I always believed that if I could make at least one person fall in love with my story and that person being my editor then I already did a good job as an author.

Rewrites of Eric’s Love Story 

I think that rewriting the scenes with Princess Sapphira made the chapters romantic and sweet. ¬†I really hope that you will like the rewrites. Eric’s story seems to be better with all of the work that I did. I think his story fits in with the rest of the book because it shows how his own love story played out.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author

Henry: The Lost Prince of Sunset Valley Kingdom

My Dear Future Readers,

Since we began talking about rewrites in my previous two posts,  I would like to continue this conversation.  I have another character that required a few small rewrites.

So,  this character is Darien’s best friend and I love both of them because in a way they are both similar.

How are they similar?

Henry and Darien are similar in their eagerness to save others. They are both only children in their families.  And the most obvious of all is that they are both royalty.

Henry was royalty himself and his kingdom was attacked by Pond Water Prince  (who you met in my previous two posts).  Ever since then, his life was not the same.  He had to serve the evil doer for five years.

Henry’s Rewrites:

I ¬†believe that Henry’s rewrites were the easiest I ever did. ¬†It was fun to see my “lost prince” grow. ¬†Even in the simplest things like the way his appearance was described. In fact, ¬†his appearance was the most fun to rewrite.


Because aside from the idea that Henry was  under a spell,  he was actually really handsome.  I was actually kind of hoping you return him to his human self so that he would be handsome again.

The next important rewrite that happened for Henry was his conversation with his best friend, Darien. ¬†I’m sure that you will see the changes and appreciate them.

I put a lot of time into the rewrites I make because I want my future readers to like my book.  I feel that the rewrites not only help my book, Book 1: Forbidden Love develop but they also help me mature as an author.

I feel that my ideas begin to change in a good way. The way my sentences are written and my descriptions are expressed is very differently than when I was writing this book in the first time. ¬†I’m proud of ¬†my work. ¬†I am excited when my edits turn out better than the original. ¬†My characters seem to be maturing with me which is a good thing. ¬†Even my editor is saying that my writing is improving.

I even see improvement with Darien‚Äôs character as,I correct Henry and Pond Water Prince‚Äôs characters. ¬†It is all connected in one and I’m glad that I’m doing these rewrites. ¬†I’m actually learning more than I thought with my edits.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author

Rewrites About Pond Water Prince Part 2

My Dear Future Readers,

Did I mention how HARD rewrites are? No? Well, I’m telling you now. Rewrites are HARD. Why? Because you have to cut out pieces and rework them back in a different way in a way that is extremely different from the original version. In my previous post, which you can check out here: The Rewrite Of Pond Water Prince, I touch lightly on the rewrites that I am doing for this wonderful Bad Boy Evil doer.


I FINISHED THE REWRITE! ¬†It took me a while to do but I finally did it. I know that you are interested in how I managed to finish the rewrite. ¬†That’s what I’m here to tell you about. ¬†Pond Water Prince was never an easy character to write from the beginning. Why? ¬†Well , I’ll use the words of my editor, ¬†Alyssa Nand to ¬†explain this:

“You are too nice.” ¬†– Alyssa Nand.

Yes,  in a way, I do agree with her because I am nice and it is hard for me to write someone who is evil because of that fact.

Also,  I became aware in the process of rewriting my evil doer that he had very few scenes with his captive,  my main female character,  Princess Amy.  This fact had to be corrected immediately.  So, I took a few days adding in scenes that were not even written in the original version of the book,  Book 1: Forbidden Love.  To be honest, I was afraid that my editor would not approve of my additional scenes but as luck would have it,  she did approve.

After doing this rewrite and adding in scenes that were not in the original version of the book,  I realized that my new ideas make my book,  Book 1: Forbidden Love even better.  I only hope that you,  my dear future readers like what I did.  I hope that I made Pond Water Prince sound more realistic in his interactions with my other characters.  But I also hope that I did not make him too scary when he first appears in the book.

You see, I wanted to create a balance between scary and relatable.  I really hope that I did not overdo it.

When I think of my first evil doer, I think of two things: revenge and kidnapping.  When I was writing this character,  it was hard to create someone who is evil without knowing what his motives are.

In this case, I think that kidnapping is something that is fairly easy to relate to the real world and also what fairy tale doesn’t have kidnapping. ¬†Rapunzel was kidnapped and trapped in a tower. In Beauty and the Beast, Belle’s father was locked in the Beast’s dungeon. ¬†Therefore we can conclude that kidnapping is a common theme and act ¬†that villains engage in to make the story interesting and bring action into the story.

Also, this is good for giving the protagonist or “good guy” in the story and chance to do something heroic. ¬†That is also a big plus in the story because like in the scenes with Pond Water Prince, ¬†my male main character got a chance to save the princess and be a hero in the eyes of the king and queen. ¬†That is also a reason why I love fairytales. ¬†Royalty always intrigued me and I love writing about royal families.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Authore


The Rewrite Of Pond Water Prince

My Dear Future Readers:

Today, I want to talk about rewrites.

What are rewrites?

Rewrites are edits that you do and you rework the plot in a different way. Recently, I have been working on rewrites for a chapter¬† in Book 1: Forbidden Love. Trust me, it’s better the way I rewrote it. But that is not the point of this post. Not at all.

I want to tell you about my favorite evil doer. ¬†Why? Because, every book has an evil doer and some may not be evil at first. ¬†“Bad guys” are written to bring out the heroic attitude in the main character. I never thought that writing “bad guys ” could be fun. ¬†But as I was rewriting a scene in one of my chapters, ¬†I realized that ¬†my character is really fun for me to rewrite because even though he is evil, ¬†he makes me laugh.

As a result, I realized that for a villain to be great, his language has to be great as well. Which means that I as an author have to write dialogue that would fit my ¬†“Mister Bad Guy” perfectly. Let me tell you that creating beautifully written dialogue for a villain is hard. But not impossible.

Pond Water Prince was my first book bad guy and he is special to me for that reason.  Going over the chapters that involve him is a special edit to me. I can tell you as an author who has completed Book 1 and 2 and yes out of those two books Pond Water Prince will always be special to me. Not only because he was my first person to create evil plots but also because of the challenge he gave me while I was writing about him. I had to overcome the standard bad guy model and create who was all my own and believable to my readers.

I had to think outside the box. After all, there are a lot of villains out there in the world of fairy-tales who have earned their place in our hearts. I knew that  my character had to be unique, therefore his motives had to be extraordinary.

“What does Pond Water Prince Want??”

 I thought  about this for a long time in the beginning of the chapter. My evil character had to be going after something so important to him that he would do anything to get it. Trust me, that was not easy to come up with at first but then I thought about my elderly grandparents Рwho were still alive at the time that I began my book Рit became clear to me then. So, I wrote the first thought that came to mind.

Next thing I needed was the way he would achieve his goal. That was a little easier since a lot of people kidnapped people and it would be something real that anyone could relate to in my book. Of course, I have to say that having Pond Water Prince as a name was kind of funny to me at first but it fit him. So, I thought that what he did in the book would be able to grab my future readers. I mean, really….What do you think of when you hear the name Pond Water Prince? Is it a name that is associated with someone nice? Or is it a person you would run away from?

That’s how I usually choose names for my bad guys. So, you se that as an author I have to be careful about naming the characters properly or otherwise they lose the effect of a villain.¬† That’s why I love my first ever bad guy and I hope you will love to hate him too.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author


My Interview on Passion Between the Pages with Jessica Lauryn

My Dear Future Readers

On Friday, June 30th, I was interviewed by Jessica Lauryn. I had interviewed her some time ago when she first published A Passionate Play. You can reread her interview here: Interview with Jessica Lauryn about A Passionate Play. I was happy to bring Jessica Lauryn on my blog and until now I did not have a chance to come to her blog until Friday.  You can read my interview on Passion Between the Pages here: Passion Between the Pages.

My Experience as in Interviewee:

When I was asked if I wanted to be interviewed. I instantly agreed. Why? Because, one: I know Jessica Lauryn for a very long time and we are good friends. Second, I loved the questions that Jessica Lauryn asked. I was excited to share with Ms. Lauryn things about my book. I wanted to make sure that people know where the idea for Book 1: Forbidden Love and the Power of Love series came from because for a long time I have not said anything about this to anyone.


Because I thought it was too soon to start talking about the ideas and inspiration for this series. But, now as I edit the book, I began to open up to the public about my inspiration for the Power of Love series. I believe that it is important for people to know that ideas for books don’t just come out of thin air. Different authors find inspiration for their books in different places.

I find my inspiration from my family’s history and the stories that my grandparents told me. I think it is important to respect the stories and love of those people who cared enough to tell you their story.

I think that my experience as an interviewee was a wonderful thing because I felt like my ideas and my words were not taken lightly and received the respect they deserved. Also, I feel like I gained more future readers after the interview than before it. That makes me happy. I wanted to reach more people and I think I did that and for that I am grateful to Jessica Lauryn. I hope to have Jessica Lauryn interview me again one day soon or I will interview her. It’s always good to have authors as friends.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author

Released Today An All New Release By Nicole French

My Dear Future Readers,

Today is June 28th and it is Nicole French’s Birthday and Release Day ¬†of Legally Mine, ¬†book 2 in the Spitfire Trilogy by Nicole French.

What can I say about Nicole French?

Nicole French writes contemporary romance and she already published Legally Yours as the first book in the Spitfire Trilogy. She wrote book two which is coming out today, Legally Mine.  Nicole French has a group on Facebook called La Merde. It is a very fun group where Nicole French talks about her books, does takeovers on Tuesdays, and invites new authors to do giveaways of their books as well.

I like Nicole French because even though, I only know her for a short time on Facebook, I think she deserves to be respected for how she shares and promotes her work. I, as an author, sure can learn some things from Nicole French.

I believe that every author has to make their way to the spotlight and the more original you are, the better. Nicole French has written two books which is a big accomplishment. Being a friend and member of her group, La Merde is a delight for me because she allows the members to post their own things too and she is very supportive.

What can I say about Legally Mine?

Legally Mine is an E-book that is about Skylar Crosby and Brandon Sterling who are the two main character. Have I read the book? Not yet!

You want to know why…..

Because as I LOVE helping authors, I have so many free books that I either won or bought which aren’t free, that I have not had a chance to read it. I have Legally Yours on my Ipad.¬† So, yes, I will read it and review it here on my blog and maybe get an interview with Nicole French to put here too. Don’t worry, this summer will be full of books and new authors. So…….

Where can you get Teasers, Links and Buy Legally Mine?

Teasers and Links are below:

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I hope you do enjoy Nicole French’s new book, Legally Mine.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author