Let’s Write A Short Story by Joe Bunting

Joe Bunting has written an ebook about how to write short stories and how to get them published. When I read his ebook, I was amazed at how well he developed his talent of writing. He has a way with words. Joe Bunting can excite and force people into action with his words. His ebook is a well-organized, well-researched ebook. I think that future writers could learn a lot from his ebook with the great advise he gives there. Joe Bunting is a very honest writer and writes the truth as he sees it.

Joe Bunting is not only my friend, he is also a writer and editor whom I respect. He has a wonderful writing talent that flows out of every word and phrase. His ebook gives insights into the publishing world few have a chance to get to know. The publishing world is revealed in a simple step by step process throughout this ebook where Joe Bunting explains the process in a simple, understandable way.

Not only does this his ebook explain the writing and publishing world, it also gives insight into the way a writer lives, writes, and publishes. Joe Bunting shares his own experiences with the reader of “Let’s Write A Short Story.” He expresses his  feelings with exquisite ability to know himself and in that way he makes his ebook come alive for the reader, for it is not a textbook on writing short stories anymore. Instead, Joe Bunting creates an interactive atmosphere between himself and his reader. I laughed right along with him, I was sad during  the sad parts: for him, as the person and the writer. I learned great lessons of self-esteem and writing, friendship,  different cultures,and  life itself. Yet it was all in this package of writing and publishing short stories.

I want to express my deepest and most sincere Congratulations to this extraordinary author, writer,editor, and wonderful person on the completion and publication of “Let’s Write A Short Story!” CONGRATULATION, Joe Bunting!



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