My First Awesome Chat Live Interview

My Dear Future Readers:

On  June 23rd, I had my first ever interview for my book. To say that I was excited would mean I was not saying anything at all. I don’t know how to describe my feelings as the time of my interview approached. I felt like Cinderella at the Ball.

It felt like my entire world would change from the moment that I started this interview. I knew that people would finally get to see who I am. I will no longer be someone who was just sitting behind a computer screen. I will be visible to the public. To say that it scared me would be saying nothing at all.

But I was an Author and I knew that I wanted people to see me for who I am. This video interview would change my life for the better.

People would see not only me as an Author but me as a person.

In this video interview, I talk about my book, Book 1: forbidden Love and how I got inspired to write it. I also touch on how it turned into the Power of Love Series which I am continuing to write as I edit Book 1: Forbidden Love.

You will also get to see my thoughts on the subjects of true love, my personal favorite things about where I live and many more subjects.

I hope you will enjoy watching my Awesome Chat Live Interview and I hope to hear good things from you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose
YA Fantasy Romance Published Author


Why I Write For Teens?

Today, I am participating in my first EVER blog hop because Arlene Hittle asked me to join her in this blog hop. How could I say, “no?” This was my opportunity to speak and tell the world about my books that I am so proud of. I write posts on Facebook but I don’t talk much about my actual writing and how I feel about it. As I finish up my line edits for my first novel I realized that now would be a perfect time to talk to you, my readers about my books. So, let me start with no further delay…

What am I working on?

I am working on my second novel in my Power of Love series entitled Sacrificed Love.  My first novel is still in my computer waiting to go out there into the world for people to read. When I started writing my second novel I felt more confident in expressing my ideas. I chose the issue of sacrificed love because I believe that true love sacrifices itself for the eternal life of that true love. I would be grateful if the world would be happier and healthier with the kind of love that I express in my books.

 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

As I finished my first novel, Forbidden Love, I began to evaluate this question more closely. In my first novel, I wrote about the love that Amy and Darien shared. How their love grew and what obstacles they overcame in order to be together.

In my second novel which I am  currently writing, I explore the destiny of Amy and Darien’s first born daughter, Melody. How Melody finds love but then has to sacrifice her love for her boyfriend, Augustine in order to save her family from a scandal when Amy finds out that Melody is pregnant by a mystery man.

I hope that the magical fictional characters in my books will enchant my readers to want to know more about them. I hope that the reality of the relationships that are portrayed in my books will help my readers see a different way that love can be.

 Why do I write what I do?

I write Fantasy Romance Fiction  about the magic of true love because I want to find that in my own life as well. I believe that every person, man or woman deserves to experience the magical feelings of true love in their lives. I want to show the world what true love really means, how devoted and compassionate love can be. True love is not expressed in words but in actions that may seem small but those actions focus a woman’s attention on how a man really sees her. No matter what happens if the love is true like in my books, then all the obstacles and hardships can be overcome.

I write for teenagers because I want to show teenagers that even at thirteen and fourteen love can be found and it can be the most sincere and passionate feeling that a person can ever feel, even at such a young age.

 How does my writing process work?

I am in the early stages of my writing  career. My writing life started with my first novel Forbidden Love. I don’t know my characters unless I spend some time thinking from their point of view. I think about a certain situation and then I think about what each of my characters would feel, say, and do in that situation. I give them time to absorb the issue I place before them and then I let them guide me through their solutions. I let them show me how they feel, what they think and how they would act in a certain situation. Only after that, I can start to write.

Aside from that, I find that it is easier to write in pieces. For me, writing a novel takes a year or so. That may seem like an eternity when your goal is to get that book out there for people to read. I find I have an easier time writing when my head is clear and I don’t have anything important on my mind. I take a break during my midterms and finals in my college but other than that I usually write almost every day. Then after midterms and finals are over, I dive into my writing full force and my inspiration is recharged.

Thanks to Arlene Hittle for her generous invitation. I enjoyed sharing what I am working on  with you. Below are the writers who will follow me next week. I hope you’ll take a minute to check them out and follow them, etc. They each have amazing things to offer.

20140118-083853.jpg    Arlene Hittle

Author Bio:

Arlene Hittle is a Midwestern transplant who now makes her home in northern Arizona. Turquoise Morning Press released her first novel, DIVA IN THE DUGOUT, in October 2013. BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER comes out in March 2014, followed by SLIDING INTO HOME in April. Arlene suffers from the well-documented Hittle family curse of being a Cubs fan, but will root for the Diamondbacks until they run up against the Cubs. Longtime friends are amazed she writes books with sports in them, since she’s about as coordinated as a newborn giraffe and used to say marching band required more exertion than golf. When she’s not writing, spending time with her boyfriend or slurping down Starbucks drinks, she works as a copy editor/page designer for the Arizona Daily Sun. Find her at, on Twitter at or on Facebook at Arlene Hittle, Author.

           IMG_0012_2         Kate Moretti

Author Bio

Kate Moretti is the author of the women’s fiction novel, Thought I Knew You and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and a dog. She’s worked in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years as a scientist, and has been an avid fiction reader her entire life.

She enjoys traveling and cooking, although with two kids, a day job, and writing, she doesn’t get to do those things as much as she’d like.

Her lifelong dream is to buy an old house with a secret passageway.You can find Kate at

Wouldn’t Change a Thing….

Like fire and rain (Like fire and rain)
You can drive me insane (You can drive me insane)
But I can’t stay mad at you for anything
We’re Venus and Mars (Venus and Mars)
We’re like different stars (like different stars)
but you’re the harmony to every song I sing
And I wouldn’t change a thing

Love is compromising, never arguing….

Be yourself.

Love is intense, it can be overwhelming.

Please…hear me out..

You can’t keep avoiding my feelings, my eyes, and my smile.

You can’t bump heads and not feel love no matter how much you overreact.

Love is nothing but a feeling for the other. There may be moments you may disagree but you…

You, me… Still see love in each other’s eyes.

Different stars are still connected and so are we.

We can always find a way, no matter what we say.

We can never turn away from the love we feel today.

We are a linked pair forever.

You’re My Favorite Song……

And if  I heard you on the radio,

I ‘d never want to change a single note

It’s what I’m trying to say all day

You’re my favorite song

Would not we all like to hear those words directed at us?

The truth is that everyone would be more than happy if they heard these words. The meaning here is that you can not spend a day away from your loved one and can only think of him/her as your favorite “song” or voice.

Being passionately in love is really like that,you see that person and nothing else. His or her flaws don’t matter. When love is true, it just is that person. And no matter what he or she is still your favorite song. Heartfelt warmth and passionate feelings is what keeps love alive longer.

What do you think?

So This Is Love

So This Is Love.

So this is love….when nothing matters, as long as the person you love is near. Even if that person has difficulties it won’t  matter. Love is unconditional and true love never turns away at the first sight of trouble. No. True love will stay by you no matter what. Even if you are blind or deaf or anything else. The person in love with you won’t care. He will stay close and share in your bad days and good days.

So this is love…when all the world disappears and you are the only two in the room. Lovely, is it not? When all you see, and think is of him. Of that one special person you would not want to live without. Truth be told, that all the magic is in that single world where no one else exists but you and him. Where birds sing, the trees dance, your wildest dreams come alive.