Author Interview with Kelly Blanchard

images.jpeg-4 Kelly Blanchard, Author of The Chronicles of Lorrek Series

My Dear Readers,

OH MY GOODNESS!! I’M SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!! I mean, if you read fantasy books, you are going to be over the moon excited. I’m doing my first Author Interview in a VERY LONG time. But, that is not why I’m excited. It’s only part of the reason for my excitement.  The other part is that I am interviewing a relatively BIG NAME Author of the Fantasy genre. I mean writing nine books in a series,  WOW!!!

I would love to introduce you to Author Kelly Blanchard, Author of The Chronicles of Lorrek Series. She is an amazing Fantasy Author who writes books her own way. She inspires people to keep writing and is an optimistic person. Let’s welcome Ms. Blanchard.

1. What inspired you to write your first book, Someday I’ll Be Redeemed?

I can’t recall what exactly inspired the book itself, but I know that Loki from the Thor movies inspired Lorrek, the main character of my series. I had asked myself, “What if Loki is actually a good guy but terribly misunderstood?” And I went from there.
2. What kind of research did you do when you write? Do you do research or do you just write from your imagination?
I used to write historical fiction, so I did a ton of research back then. That information is still with me as second nature as I write what I write, but most of the time I write from my imagination. However, when I’m writing something new and don’t know what I’m doing, I’ll pause and take time to research it until I have a good understanding, and then I’ll write.
3. Did you know that your first book was going to be a Series when you started writing it?
Haha! Nope! I thought it was a single book. Books 1 & 2 were originally one book, but when I went back to revise, I realized how long it was, so I decided to split it. Then I thought the series was done–that it was just going to be two books. But then I spoke with my husband and brainstormed, and then Book 3 introduced itself…as did the other series.
4. How do you plan out your Series?
Well, once I realized there was more than two books to the series, it’s a bit funny. I came up with the idea for Books 3, 5, and 6, but then I realized there was a book between 3 & 5, so I had to insert Book 4 (I did write it in order). I plotted out the entire series after that and then tackled one book at a time.
5. Was it hard to find ideas for your books? I mean writing so many books, there must be a million ideas in your mind. How do you choose between them?
It actually wasn’t hard. I knew what needed to happen in each book. Sometimes I was able to pair it with another very interesting subplot, so that was very cool.
6. Do you read a lot of Fantasy stories?
When I have time to read, yes. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time recently.
7. What kinds of books inspired you to write your novels in such a creative manner?
Honestly? It wasn’t books. It was fan fiction. The style of writing fan fiction is so much more organic than most books, and I’ve always loved it. But, of course, I loved some of the traditional books like Narnia etc!
8. Would you say that you write realistic scenes that the reader can see and feel?
Yes, that is something my readers tell me all the time. It’s especially true when there are very intense emotions. It makes the characters very relatable to the readers when they feel the same things that the readers would given the circumstances.
9. How would you describe the relationships between your characters? For example, if they were real people would they act the same way as in your books or not?
My characters are very real. Their interaction with one another is real, their reactions to different situations are very real. That is one thing that really draws the reader into the books. The characters are extremely relatable. Sure, some of it is a bit over the top, but once you get to know them, you understand why, and they are relatable too.
10. Would you say that a story like the one in your books could be possible if it would happen in today’s world?
No, mainly because mine involve magic and medieval setting. Since we don’t have magic like there is in my books, it couldn’t happen in today’s world at all.
11. What made it easy or hard to write this Series? Why was it hard? Why was it easy?
Some parts were easy. Other parts were hard. It’s difficult to pinpoint which was which at what time. It all blends together after a while, but that’s one of the great things about the series.
12. How do you come up with the idea for your antagonist and main characters?
Loki from the Thor movies inspired Lorrek. Nikita from the TV show, Nikita, inspired Vixen. Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman inspired Verddra, and so many others! As you can see, movies and TV shows tend to give me ideas for my characters. It’s not that my characters are anything like the characters from those shows/movies, but just the personality or the mannerism of the characters may show up in my books as totally different characters.
13. Is there anything you are working on now that you would like to share?
Currently, I am relaunching the Chronicles of Lorrek with Fallbrandt Press, releasing the first box set of the series! At the same time, I am co-writing with my husband a series that takes place after the Chronicles of Lorrek. It’s a lot of fun!
14. Is there anything that you would like to add or tell me about that was not mentioned in the above questions?
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Thank you so much for the opportunity to answer these questions! I greatly enjoyed it!

I loved doing this interview with Kelly Blanchard. I hope to have her come back to my blog in the near future. I hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much as I did.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author


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