To Do NANOWRIMO Or Not to Do NANOWRIMO, That is the Question.

My Dear Future Readers:

Tomorrow is November 1st. It is the start of the National Novel Writing Month. I participated for four years in a row and I never won or even gotten the 50,000 words required to win. I was disappointed in myself that I could not sit down and write my Work-In-Progress everyday. Of course, I had a reason.

Every year during the month of November, I had to submit some kind of essay, study for some kind of midterm in college and the time just slipped away from me. By the time, I would finish with my exams and essays that I had to do, November was half way over and I had no energy left to write in my Work-In-Progress.

But……The Question remains.

Do I want to participate in  the National Novel Writing Month this year?

The answer is not simple nor is it an easy decision. Yes, I do want to prove to myself that I can finish a novel in one month and at least get into the habit of everyday writing. But, I feel like if I try and I don’t get to the end of the month, I might be more disappointed. Of course, it is a tempting idea because now that I am no longer pulled down by college and studying for exams, I might be able to write more in the Work-In-Progress than I did in the previous years.

However, after all the disappointments of the last four years, I feel that I can’t bring myself to do it again. I think that as my life showed that there are more important things than doing the National Novel Writing Month. I don’t understand it but I think this year I might give my Overconfident Ideals a break. It is after all about writing everyday. I think I have been doing that off and on on my own.

So, to answer the question. I  decided to still write everyday but not in such a tight schedule. After all, even if I do not participate, I am still a writer and an author. I still write books and I am still following my dream of being a full-time author. The National Novel Writing Month is for practice and I love to practice writing but with everything else that I have  going on I can’t possibly divide myself into ten million pieces.

What I will be doing instead of the National Novel Writing Month?

I plan to keep writing my blog posts throughout the month of November. I want to continue doing edits for Book 1:Forbidden Love. Testing my writing abilities against myself within 20 days does not seem like a good idea at the moment. But…..if I could write a blog post twice or even three times a week during the month of November and get more likes on my Author Page, I would call that an achievement. Even if my blog posts are not going to equal 50,000 words, I still think that it would be a great improvement because I am being realistic about my abilities.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author


Published by

The Magic of True Love

Diana Rose is a Russian native who lives in New York. Her stories transport readers to the fantasy filled worlds where she brings royalty and magical beings to life, with colorful romantic scenes and characters that her imagination creates. She fuels her creativity while reading romantic novels. When Diana is not writing, she enjoys spending her time with her family and friends. You can find her on her Facebook Author Page:

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