Author Interview: Diana Rose and Her Thoughts

My Dear Future Readers:

I finally got free of a particularly hard edit that I was doing for Book 1: Forbidden Love of my Power of Love Series. Editing takes up most of my time now because I want to make my book as perfect as it can be for you and that is why I have not posted a blog post in a long time. I do apologize for that.

BUT……I am going to answer some more questions for you in this blog post. I always try to be honest in answering these questions so I hope you enjoy the answers.

  1. If you could mention one thing people get wrong about you, what would it be?

Hm……One thing that people get wrong about me would have to be my name. I, honestly don’t know why. I always laugh but it’s kind of funny. People usually call me Diane or Dianne or my favorite out of everyone is Deanna. I just laugh it off. Sometimes I correct the person who writes my name wrong and sometimes I don’t. I figure, it still sounds the same so why correct them.

But I spell my name as D.I.A.N.A. It still amazes me how people get my name wrong after they know me for years.

2. If you had all the money in the world, what would be the one frivolous thing you would do?

Oh, if I had money……Real money and a lot of it, I would probably buy a large house. I would go on vacation every three months. I would have three homes each in a location where the weather would be good. For example, if it is snowing in New York, I would go live in Florida for the winter. I would go to see Italy, France, I hear the Eiffel Tower is beautiful. I would go vacationing to a beautiful Caribbean Island.

New York will always be my home but I want to do things I was not able to do before. I want to things I was not allowed to do before. I want to go to Disneyland. Yes, Disneyland. Don’t laugh at me because I know it’s childish.  But I still want to go and see it.

3. Have you ever met a famous person?

A famous person? Hm…..Only once, I think. I went to a book signing in Barnes and Noble . He was a children sports book writer. I remember I sat in the last row away from the children. I was the only grown up there. The rest of the attendees were from an elementary school. I was too shy to ask questions or even to buy the book the author had come to talk about. But I thought it was well done and the sentiments that his characters were centered on his childrern was quite sweet.

However, I did not meet him in person and I can’t say I talked to the author, I think it still counts.

4. If you could pick the best movie you ever saw, what would it be?

The best movie I ever saw……Hm…….I’ve seen a lot of good movies. I watch romantic movies. I loved the movie, The Notebook and The Lucky One. Both of them were written by Nicholas Sparks. Also, there was A Recipe for Love, A Kiss at Midnight and Sounds of Music.

Yes, I agree, this is a list of more than one movie and there are more. But, I must say that I can’t choose only one movie out of so many great ones. It is like choosing my favorite book. I LOVE books and I can’t choose one out of so many. But as I said, I do love to watch movies and read books so it is no wonder I have a list.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers. I will have more questions and answers for you next time. You can also comment your questions on this blog post and I will answer them for you.

I look forward vto hearing from myou soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance PUBLISHED Author


Published by

The Magic of True Love

Diana Rose is a Russian native who lives in New York. Her stories transport readers to the fantasy filled worlds where she brings royalty and magical beings to life, with colorful romantic scenes and characters that her imagination creates. She fuels her creativity while reading romantic novels. When Diana is not writing, she enjoys spending her time with her family and friends. You can find her on her Facebook Author Page:

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