Author Interview: More on Writing and Diana Rose

My Dear Future Readers:

I want to apologize that it has taken me a long time to write my next blog post. But, I’m back. In the meantime I have been editing a lot for my Book 1: Forbidden Love. Of course, I wanted to get back to writing these wonderful blog posts and tell you more about me.

Now, I’m back and I can continue the Self-Interviews. I know you have waited patiently for a long time so let me start by saying a big thank you to all of you for your patience.

Here are a few more questions and answers for you.

  1. Which author would you like to be like?

Honestly, I have thought about this quite a lot as I continue writing. This is the first time anyone has asked this question but I do have a few role model authors who I want to be like.

I wanted to be like Danielle Steel who writes wonderful romance novels. I believe she writes one book a year. She has over 500 different books already in print. I thought that if I could write so many books then I would be a good author.

Another one of the authors I want to be like is Nicholas Sparks who wrote The Notebook. This book and others were later made into a movie. I believe thatb in order for a book to be turned into a movie it has to be extremely popular. Now, Nicholas Sparks writes many different subjects even though they are all romance books. I want to be like him because I don’t want all my books to be  written the same way.

In addition to those two authors, I would also say that I want to be like Alyson Noel who writes YA Fantasy Romance and I have read a lot of her books. Her books have a lot of fantasy in them. I like the way she describes everything to the last detail so much that I can see myself in the story. I can feel the emotion and the action of the story and that is what I call a great  author.

2. What is the hardest part about writing?

The hardest thing about writing for me is when I have to come up with a new idea for a book. When the document is blank it is hard for me to figure out what to write. Also another hard part of writing is editing.

Why editing? Editing is hard because you need to go over your draft a few times looking for details that you missed, misspelled words, punctuation errors and much more. It is tiresome  but a very necessary part of writing.

You know, for me, editing is a very educational part of writing. It does not only teach me how to write….it opens my mind to new ideas. Somehow I realize things that my story might be missing and once I had finished my story.

 3. What show would people be surprised you enjoy?

The show that I most enjoy is Once Upon A Time. I don’t know if it will surprise you that I enjoy this show but I do. I like Once Upon A Time because the characters in the show always have something wise to say and I believe that it is true what they say. Also, I like the fact that the show, Once Upon A Time always has a changing plot. No idea is the same in each episode. I have watched the entire series starting from the first season of the show and the ideas always change in each episode. That forces the characters to evolve with the set idea. Even though the general plot is the same the episodes show a different side of the plot every time and at the end of the episode is always a questioning scene which makes the audience look forward to the next episode.

I would like to use that kind of idea in my writing to keep my readers waiting and wanting more at the end of my books. That is why I watch Once Upon A Time because it is somehow close to the things I write about.

4. How different are you now than when you were a teen?

Now, I believe that I have a clear idea of how I want to live my life. I have a vision of my dream. I am more productive in achieving what I want in my life. I am braver in going after the things I want. For example, if I want to have a healthy body, I do something to make that happen…I eat better, exercise. Or if I want to be more public, I write more blog posts, I share my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Anything that I might want to achieve, I know what I must do and then nI do it. I strive to make things I do as perfect as they can be, like my books.

But when i was a teenager, I was not so focused. People told me, guided me in the right direction and unlike now when I can make my own decisions and stand by them, I followed the decisions of other people. I believed that they wished me well. They did wish me well but they wanted what they thought would bring me happiness. But i grew up like everyone does and I realized that my dream of becoming an author was more important to me than working at a job that I no longer believed would make me happy.

Writing makes me happy, being able to have 2,104 likes on My Author Page and 49 followers of this blog makes me happy. Learning how to write through editing my book and buying books to enhance my knowledge about how to write better makes me happy. That is how things changed for me. I realized that no matter what or who comes into my life or leaves my life, I will be happy because I have my dream, my dream of becoming a full-time author and that is more important to me than anything else.

When I was a teenager , I looked for someone else to make me happy and now I do not. I am happy standing alone with my dream. I have goals and my dream and that is all I need for right now even though I might want more.

I hope you enjoyed my answers to these questions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

YA Fantasy Romance Published Author


Published by

The Magic of True Love

Diana Rose is a Russian native who lives in New York. Her stories transport readers to the fantasy filled worlds where she brings royalty and magical beings to life, with colorful romantic scenes and characters that her imagination creates. She fuels her creativity while reading romantic novels. When Diana is not writing, she enjoys spending her time with her family and friends. You can find her on her Facebook Author Page:

2 thoughts on “Author Interview: More on Writing and Diana Rose”

    1. Hello Joan Ruffins,
      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. Also, ,I want to say that I always try to keep my Self-Interviews honest and informative. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. There will be more Self-Interviews in the near future.
      I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you for your infinite support.

      Yours Truly,

      Diana Rose

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