An Author’s Lesson # 7: GRADUATION in the Middle of Being a FUll-Time Author

My Dear Future Readers,

On  June 2nd, I graduated from Brooklyn College with my B.A. in Psychology.

Yes, I am a full-time author now. But before I became a full time author in January 2016, I was a simple college student like many of you who are reading this.

This post is for everyone who thinks that having a life outside of a writing career is hard. Yes, it is hard but we have to make time for our dreams to come true. That is why I was writing in between college course, exams, and due dates for papers and essays.

Now, I am done with college…FOR GOOD!

You would think that I stop learning. OH no, I am just learning  narrower as what pertains to my writing. I am doing more writing and much more about editing and how to improve my productiveness..

Things that interest me are more of a priority now because no one is putting me on a schedule, I have my own schedule of things that need to be done.  I am focused now on my dream.

I am focused on MY FUTURE READERS!

That is more important to me now than going to write papers on topics that don’t matter. My books and this blog and my editing are the things that matter.

Graduation for me just means that I have transitioned into a life where I decide. I have graduated into the freedom to live my dream.

I belong freely to my dream. My dream of writing and creating books for my future readers. No more dividing my attention. No more feeling guilty for not studying for a certain class.

It is wonderful to feel free to do what I want. To write the things that I want and nor to be structured to write in a certain style, APA or MLA. Who cares?   I write YA Fantasy Romance novels. No more essays. Grammar, sure. Grammar is needed everywhere but no more structure. I write infinitely more without structure than I could with it.

I am more creative now then I was before. In college, I was a mess. Finals, papers, deadlines. Today, I set my own deadlines, I create my life the way I want. Yes, I have nort gotten used to it yet but I will. I feel like it is a part of the process. Now, nothing is standing in my way of my own success. I have graduated into a life I can master. I read what I want, learn subjects that I find interesting to my personal growth as a full time author.

To tell you the truth, I always believed that school and college were holding me back from being as creative as I can be. I dreamed of the day when I could just finish school and become a creative person. A creative person who could focus solely on her writing and her books. That was my plan from Day 1.

I wanted to be able set my imagination free and create as much as I could. People say that if you follow your heart you become happy and you forget about your age. I wanted to be able to do that. For a reason that everyone around me is living a prerecorded life of a 9 to 5 schedule.

Are they happy? No. These people are complaining about their lives being monotonous and lacking something.

That is why I wanted to graduate college so I could graduate into a better future for myself. It takes time to adjust to my new life…..My dream life of writing and creating but it an adventure that I would never trade for anything in the world. It is possible that by graduating, I became free of the emotional stress of college and homework and exams. It is as if my dream has been opened to me at this moment and I am venturing into the big dreamland I could have ever had.

I am more focused and clear about what I want now and I am ready for anything that comes my way. I have a clear head. The ideas just keep flowing in my brain as though a river dam has been opened to let the new ideas in.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all fort your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

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The Magic of True Love

Diana Rose is a Russian native who lives in New York. Her stories transport readers to the fantasy filled worlds where she brings royalty and magical beings to life, with colorful romantic scenes and characters that her imagination creates. She fuels her creativity while reading romantic novels. When Diana is not writing, she enjoys spending her time with her family and friends. You can find her on her Facebook Author Page:

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