The Voices of an Author

My Dear Future Readers:

Today, I want to share what I think about as I write because sometimes, I can’t seem to find the right words and stop writing all together.

 The Conflicting Thoughts In My Head…..

It was a dark and cold night. All I wanted do was curl up in my bed under my two blankets and not do anything. My hands were freezing, my brain was distracted from the thoughts of writing something tonight. But I knew that I had made a promise to myself to write at least 500 words everyday. No, I was not lazy. I’m never lazy when it comes to writing. But, I was too cold to write.

“No more excuses,” I told myself. I had to write something tonight. So, I sat down at my computer and stared at my screen.

The good in me spoke, “You love writing. You should write something.” I knew that Good Girl was right. But I was cold. She stood there watching me as I took on my writing.

However, that did not last long and after a few minutes someone else appeared. This girl looked like a black  night with her black leather clothes and dark look in her eyes. She looked at me ass I typed, “It’s cold. Isn’t it warmer under your blankets with a romance novel?” she asked me.

I nod. “I do love to read romance. ” I looked at my keyboard. I haven’t written much today. I sigh. 500 words. I still have 400 to go. Too much. Ms. Bad looked at me, “TV time!! Reading time!!!”

Good Girl looked upset as her white outfit looked faded.  “You love writing. Please 400 words not so much. If you can’t write your book, write a blog. Write something.”

Good Girl was right, I didn’t have the inspiration for my book. But at least I could write a blog post for my readers. At least that would satisfy my 500 words. But what could I write about? I thought about it. I haven’t written my Royal Court Series in weeks maybe now would be a good time to write it. I opened my blog. I searched through my posts and found it. When I looked at it, I realized I did not have enough information. Off to research, I go and Good Girl was scrolling at me.

Bad Girl was smiling happily. “No writing.”

I look at both of them with a pensive expression. I try to avoid eye contact with both girls. I know they are both me but still it seems that both want different things from me and I don’t know what to do. Most of the time, I want to follow my Bad Girl-Self but I don’t because I love writing. I love feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

I look at both of them and sometimes, I do take the Bad Girl’s side because I’m lazy. But what kind of writer would I be if I did not write. So, I decide to take Good Girl’s side and continue to write. I try hard to match my 500 words goal and sometimes I write over the minimum. I am a Writer. It is in my blood. Writing is my Air. That is why, my Good Girl-Self  almost always wins the fight.

It is refreshing to know that I love writing so much that even on a wintry cold day, I still try to write as much as I can. The voices in my head that talk about good and bad are silent now as I complete another day in the 500 Words Challenge. Yes, I still am training myself to develop a daily writing habit. And you know what? I love every minute of this challenge because I love writing so much. Now, I truly feel like a Full-Time Author.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I thank you all for your infinite support.

Yours Truly,

Diana Rose

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YA Fantasy Romance PUBLISHED Author




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The Magic of True Love

Diana Rose is a Russian native who lives in New York. Her stories transport readers to the fantasy filled worlds where she brings royalty and magical beings to life, with colorful romantic scenes and characters that her imagination creates. She fuels her creativity while reading romantic novels. When Diana is not writing, she enjoys spending her time with her family and friends. You can find her on her Facebook Author Page:

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